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Collision Repair

What we provide:

We provide a solution which helps streamline your workflow and allows images to be tagged and associated with collision repair documentation.

Industry Solutions:

Collision Repair:
  • Scan VIN number of vehicle and barcode of repair sheet
  • Take pictures of the part that needs repair
  • Upload the images wirelessly to a database where they are processed and filtered into folders
  • Review progress of the repair
Repair/ Warranty Claims:
  • Each unit is labeled with a barcode as it is received. The parts accumulate until inspector comes.
  • Images are taken of the parts and failures. The camera is then connected to PC and images are uploaded to database.
  • The images are shared via an internal cloud and filed by Memo Data. Reports are generated with images attached to explain acceptance or denial of warranty claim

Key Features:

  • Scans barcodes
    • Allows for direct image tagging for specific parts.
  • Data capturing embedded to images
    • When images are uploaded, Memo Data is embedded and additional information is available for viewing.
  • Security enabled password protected
    • Reduce theft and patient privacy infringement with SD WORM Card compatibility.
  • JIS/IEC waterproof grade 8
    • Waterproof build, able to withstand depths of 5 meters. (approx 15ft)
  • JIS/IEC dustproof grade 6
    • Completely dust tight
  • 2m (approx 6.5ft) impact-resistant
    • Tough, durable design allows for worry free accidents and drops.
  • Chemical resistance (Ethanol or Sodium hypochlorite)
    • Disinfect and clean the camera
  • CCD barcode reader inside the camera
    • BR-1 is also available for higher precision and accuracy

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