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What we provide:

We provide unique image capturing solutions which enable speed and accuracy along with data rich information.

Industry Solutions:

Infrastructure Documentation:
  • Photograph around installation: EX: Damaged Fencing, Hazardous materials being exposed, overgrown vegetation, ect., which may be a security threat.
  • Using the G700SE, you can capture memo data about the issues, and geo-tag the location of the problem.
  • Create a map of the images and be able to see where potential threat may be.
  • When viewing the images, you can see any memo data put on the image describing the issue clearly so you can take the appropriate measures to fix the problem.
Map Travel Routes:
  • Photograph areas along a route that may not be safe, or hazardous.
  • Using the G700SE, you can capture memo data if needed, and geo-tag the locations of the areas without having to use more than one device.
  • Create a map of the images and be able to see where potential threat may be, and devise a travel route around potential threats and hazards.
Object Location:
  • By combining the information of a laser range finder, the SE-7 GPS and compass, you can find and locate the exact location of the object you are looking to document. The information from the rangefinder is simultaneously displayed on the LCD camera screen.
  • Upload the pictures to a database along with any memo data taken with the picture.

Have the images and memo data be displayed in a mapping application for tracking where the objects are and their condition.

Key Features:

  • Data embedded in image files
    • JPEG image files contain all standard data points plus additional mission specific data.
  • Security enabled / password protected
    • SAASM Compatible (Selective availability anti-spoofing module)
    • Prohibiting unauthorized use
    • Data protection
  • JIS/IEC waterproof grade 8
    • build, able to withstand depths of 5 meters. (approx 15ft)
  • JIS/IEC dustproof grade 6
    • Completely dust tight
  • 2m (approx 6.5ft) impact-resistant
    • Tough, durable design ideal for rugged environments
    • Shock Proof
  • Chemical resistance (Ethanol or Sodium hypochlorite
    • Disinfect and clean the camera
  • WAAS enabled GPS
    • Enables location accuracy to within 1-5m (3-15ft)
  • Laser rangefinder compatible
    • Displays Rangefinder data on the camera screen / captures range data into JPEG file
  • Wireless Capability
  • High-end GPS Accuracy with the new SE-7
    • Consistent accuracy in sub 3m range.

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