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What we provide:

We provide multiple solutions that help stream line field collection as well as in house workflows.

Industry Solutions:

Installation/ Warehousing/ Documentation:
  • Pallet barcodes are scanned, images are taken of the pallet barcodes and uploaded to database for auditing purposes.
  • Upon asset installation, the individual panel barcodes are scanned.
  • Photos are taken with GPS location and Memo Data.
  • Images plus Data are wirelessly uploaded and indexed, enabling documentation for auditing.
Asset Management/ Documentation:
  • Take pictures of current installations/ assets in the field, and add memo data to help document inspections which can include safety, repair, installations, and more.
  • Add GPS positioning to the pictures to give you a full overview of assets in the field
  • Use images plus memo data in documentation, or to show compliance with any regulations or auditing.

Key Features:

  • Data capturing embedded to images
    • When images are uploaded, Memo Data is embedded. Additional information is available for viewing.
  • Security enabled / password protected
    • Prohibiting unauthorized use
    • Data protection
  • JIS/IEC waterproof grade 8
    • Waterproof build, able to withstand depths of 5 meters. (approx 15ft)
  • JIS/IEC dustproof grade 6
    • Completely dust tight
  • 2m (approx 6.5ft) impact-resistant
    • Tough, durable design ideal for rugged environments
    • Shock Proof
  • Chemical resistance (Ethanol or Sodium hypochlorite)
    • Disinfect and clean the camera
  • GP-1 + WAAS
    • Enables location accuracy to within 1-5m (3-15ft)
  • Laser rangefinder compatible
  • Wireless Capability
  • Internal CCD Barcode reader

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